Monday, September 08, 2014

Salt Creek Kayak Trail, from Bayboro to Bartlett Park

Put in on the beach at Lassing Park and head North past the Coast Guard Base
Then head West into Bayboro Harbor
Turn South into Salt Creek

Heading South we see Fish Tales on 2nd Street. A great place to dock your boat but not yet kayak accessible.

Going under the Thrill Hill bridge on 3rd Street

Now we have gone past the developed shoreline. This beautiful green shore is made up of mangroves being overgrown by pepper trees.

We come to the end of the navigable section at the 4th Street bridge. A pipe under the bridge makes crossing unwise. This picture was taken during high tide in 2009. Today this bridge is being replaced and we hope the new structure allows us to navigate to the park.

Mike seems to be walking on water at the left. He found a quiet spot to fish while standing on a submerged pipe, giving a friendly greeting and warning to watch out for gators.
Photos by Joe Wagner, Baywatch, Ken Breslauer of Historic Sites and Architecture of St. Petersburg Florida

This postcard shows the park as it was first designed and maintained for 50 years. The open waterway, stately palms, flowering shrubs and expansive lawns said "Florida" to the winter visitors and snowbirds who made it their home. The mangroves have since come back to provide a home for wildlife and screen the kayak path from almost any hint that you are in a city. The downtown high rises poke out from the trees but its easy not to notice anything but nature. Neighborhood residents relax by the shore with their fishing poles.
Very minor pruning would open this trail up to provide us a wonderful new amenity.

Story by Sara Palmer, Neighborhood News Bureau in Neighborhood Times.

This bridge is all that remains of the Historic Wedgewood Inn

Salt Creek Restoration, before and after photos. click for photos

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