Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Monday January 18th 2016, 9:00 Am til noon.

Annual Bartlett Park Martin Luther King Day Day of Service! 

Take the Day on!

For 10 years neighborhood association members have donated service on t his day.

Cleanup of neighborhood streets and pedestrian walkway.

More details coming soon.

 Last year on MLK weekend a big cleanup was completed. Overgrowth that kept the path in total darkness was trimmed and a huge pile of brush removed. In 2014 a light pole was installed and several months later the light was installed.

Palm trees were trimmed near the power line allowing more light.

Thank you volunteers!

The neighborhood association is planning to continue cleanups of our pedestrian/bike path. We need  to keep it from becoming overgrown again.
Broken street light

 and thick vegetation
made the walkway completely dark at night. 

Pruning made an improvement but lighting is still needed

Last year.

The path connects 13th Avenue South at 7th Street and  11 Avenue South at 6th Street.

Please contact us if you can volunteer a few hours on a Saturday morning.

Bartlett Park Community Resource Center
642 22nd Avenue South, 33705

Looking south from 12th Ave toward 13th.

Do you have any ideas for landscaping?

Home of the late Joseph Savage on the left. A heroic leader of our city and good friend and neighbor.

The Northern section has just been improved with hexblocks and planters.

Decorated for community event.

The Pinellas Trail will connect to our neighborhood bringing more people walk and bike and connecting residents to jobs and schools.


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