Monday, November 23, 2009

Violent Crime Celebrated in Uhuru Video

The intent is to incite further violence bringing more death and destruction to a beleaguered African American community. This disturbing statement makes heroes of criminals who attacked our St. Petersburg police officers during the October and November '96 riots.

Part 2 in a series.

The speaker is Omali Yesheltela, a local politician who has been taken under the wing of Florida Governors Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker. A pardon of his felony conviction was arranged so that he could run for Mayor and help Baker defeat the strongest candidate, a populist Democrat.

Several hundred thousand dollars of your tax money went to his organization, an attempt was made to start a charter school, city staff have provided extensive support and half a million dollars was just put into their building yet this group has not been required to renounce violence.

Omali brags of the armed assault against police officers during the ’96 riots. His version of reality has the police attacking the Uhurus with intent to “get rid of us”and then “they got their asses whupped”. With obvious glee he describes how criminals “brought down a police helicopter with gunfire,gunshots...”, “shot one cop”, and forced the officers to withdraw “under heavy fire”.

How could one be happy to see murder attempted? These armchair revolutionaries have taken on the role of guerrilla fighters by inciting misguided teenagers to do the actual violence. Their goal is to destroy the peace of this neighborhood and make residents question our loyalty to a state that can not protect us and an economic system that can not provide for us. Many of the criminals are simply sociopaths or drug addicts too desperate to think about the harm they do. Their actions show they don't care about the people they grew up amongst or the neighborhood where their families live. Put these groups together, provide them with a fat budget, paid staff and a large support network of well intentioned white folks and you have a recipe for destruction of a community.

Do you wonder why the media haven't told you any of this?

The video is titled "Riots, Rebellions, and Revolution--The Battle of St. Pete."


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Julio Rodriguez said...

thanks for pointing this out. i did not know.

Tom said...

Thanks Stogie, for being open minded and looking beyond the public image of this group.
I have to admit that I was moved when I first heard a speech by Omali and I have been impressed by the energy and dedication of the many Uhuru members I have known over the years.
They do a good job of pointing out some of the injustice and discrimination we southside residents face.
But their continued incitement of violence and false statements about "police murders" negates anything positive that they may have done.
The suspension of two police officers for misconduct actually proves that the department has very high standards for respect of citizens.