Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why do 7 rapes near USF Tampa make page one and 10 homicides near USF St. Pete go unreported?

"a string of attacks on seven women in a blighted neighborhood near the University of South Florida" has generated a lot of media attention. The story of the alleged rapist is told on page one of the Local & State section in today's St. Petersburg Times.

Since the killing of Louis Marcel Reedy, the owner of the Hair Experts Beauty Salon on 4th Street South (about a block from the USFSP College of Business) in 2005, more than a dozen violent crimes have occurred within a short walk of the campus. Most recently a young mother was murdered in a home invasion that occurred within 10 blocks of USF.

10/17/07- The school just released campus security report.


10/19/07- Times Columnist Sue Carlton

Updated on 12/8/07 Many recent homicides occurred in the area just west of USF St. Pete.

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