Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Farmworker Action in Tampa

Wendy’s Boycott to take national stage from March 16-29, 2017, with whirlwind tour across Midwest, Southeast…
Pull out your calendars, Fair Food Nation, it’s time for Wendy’s — and the nation — to return to human rights!
Today, we are announcing the dates of the CIW’s big spring action, the annual event that has become the hallmark of the Campaign for Fair Food for nearly two decades, from the first Taco Bell Truth Tour in 2001 to next spring’s Return to Human Rights Tour. From March 16th to 29th, 2017, CIW members and their allies will embark on the longest protest action in the last 10 years of the Campaign for Fair Food, joining thousands of consumers in mobilizing for the national Wendy’s Boycott. The Return to Human Rights Tour will travel to the heart of Wendy’s territory for a major action in Columbus, Ohio, on March 26th, and will end the following week with a massive vigil in Tampa, Florida — stopping in nearly a dozen cities over the 13-day journey, including Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and more!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Community Celebration

Join your friends and neighbors on Wednesday, December 7th at 9:30 am at at the vacant lot - 634 16th Ave S in the Bartlett Park neighborhood.  We will be celebrating the many good things happening and the bright future to come.

Good News!  A few highlights:

  • Innovation Center is about to be built on 11th Avenue South.  State Representative and now Senator Darryl Rouson provided critical support here and throughout the community. 
  • New tennis courts are coming to the newly rebuilt historic tennis center
  • New homes and renovated homes on every block
  • Historic home preserved and moved to 13th Avenue South
  • NAACP awards special honors to Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association, The Paris Project and Your Place
  • Newton Avenue Model Block
  • Nuisance strip club closed
  • Nuisance adult bookstore closed and replaced with several new businesses
  • Within the past 18 months three new restaurants and a retail store have opened 
  • Bartlett Park Community Garden celebrates 10 years and continues to grow. A new solar powered water pump was installed this year.
  • Bartlett Park Community Resource Center will be relocating to a new home in the neighborhood. This center has been open 5 days a week staffed by neighborhood association volunteers for over 20 years.
  • The Community Redevelopment plan has begun with $66 million of funding from future property taxes. Bartlett Park is a small part of this area but will benefit both directly and from improvement of the whole southside. This plan  has the potential to be different from the past 40 years of redevelopment which hurt residents and actually increased poverty through forced relocation, destruction of the social fabric and demolition of low cost homes. To help residents as well as absentee property owners this plan needs resident involvement and leadership.
  • NHS Homeowners Center offering classes and community events
  • And, construction of new affordable homes will be announced.

The Bad Old Days

We hate to remind folks but local residents remember the almost three decades when this neighborhood was devastated by often very violent crime. The reputation of a drug hole hangs over us so we note that things have changed. We are completing 8 years of peace, free of the gunfire that ruined life for so many.

On April 4th 2009 the neighborhood said "enough is enough" and decided to drive away the street drug sales that defined us and caused so much bloodshed. That morning a shootout by rival groups at Uhuru House spilled over into our neighborhood and ended with a drive by shooting that sent 54 bullets through our neighbors front window and killed a much loved 8-year-old little girl named Paris Hamilton. She was the 3rd murder victim that year but residents rose up by the hundreds for street protests and rallies. Police were able to build on this dramatic desire for safety for our children and gain cooperation from those of us who lived next to drug sales. Community police had just committed extra officers and they found renewed commitment from us to report crime. Tips from residents put public street corner drug dealers out of business. There was only one more killing in June of 2010 and none since then.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Monday January 18th 2016, 9:00 Am til noon.

Annual Bartlett Park Martin Luther King Day Day of Service! 

Take the Day on!

For 10 years neighborhood association members have donated service on t his day.

Cleanup of neighborhood streets and pedestrian walkway.

More details coming soon.

 Last year on MLK weekend a big cleanup was completed. Overgrowth that kept the path in total darkness was trimmed and a huge pile of brush removed. In 2014 a light pole was installed and several months later the light was installed.

Palm trees were trimmed near the power line allowing more light.

Thank you volunteers!

The neighborhood association is planning to continue cleanups of our pedestrian/bike path. We need  to keep it from becoming overgrown again.
Broken street light

 and thick vegetation
made the walkway completely dark at night. 

Pruning made an improvement but lighting is still needed

Last year.

The path connects 13th Avenue South at 7th Street and  11 Avenue South at 6th Street.

Please contact us if you can volunteer a few hours on a Saturday morning.

Bartlett Park Community Resource Center
642 22nd Avenue South, 33705

Looking south from 12th Ave toward 13th.

Do you have any ideas for landscaping?

Home of the late Joseph Savage on the left. A heroic leader of our city and good friend and neighbor.

The Northern section has just been improved with hexblocks and planters.

Decorated for community event.

The Pinellas Trail will connect to our neighborhood bringing more people walk and bike and connecting residents to jobs and schools.


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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Honor Police officers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

St. Petersburg Police Department
Memorial Service
Demens Landing
Monday May 18th, 2015 7:30 pm


Friday, March 20, 2015

Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association congratulates the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for success in bringing justice to farmworkers and thanks them for starting the #FairFood Parade in Bartlett Park

Please visit the CIW web page to learn what you can do to help in the struggle for justice.


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Protests in 2009 coincided with a new community policing program that brought peace.

Photo credit: Andrea Lypka

If any of you want to share your thoughts or photos please use the comments below or send it to me with credit information. My email is 

Neighborhood protest
against violence

ST. PETERSBURG - A Bay Area community rallied together Saturday to stop violent crimes in their neighborhood.
Hundreds in St. Petersburg gathered at Bartlett Park, an area that has been plagued by shootings in the area just this year.
A long-running feud in a St. Pete neighborhood ended with 57 shots from two assault rifles into a home killing 8-year-old Paris Whitehead-Hamilton. About two weeks after that, another shooting at a recreation center sent a teenager to the hospital with two bullet wounds.
So Saturday, the community came together wanting violent crimes to end. Hundreds came out. The mayor, police chief, council members and other city officials were there, asking for the public's help in solving crimes.
Shenita Williams-Joseph was Whitehead-Hamilton's Aunt. The little girl was staying at her house when she was killed. Shinto is hoping her nieces death will help police in the future..
"They're going to solve a lot of cases due to Paris and other children. People are not going to be shutting up. They'll be talking to the police and sharing information," says Williams-Joseph.

People came out from all over the south side and throughout the city. Many neighborhood association leaders joined the march.

In 2006 a march from Bartlett Park carried a powerful message. Holding portraits of murder victims marchers called out for peace.